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All Shasta College nursing students complete their home care clinical rotation through Medical Home Care Professionals. This gives you, the experienced professional, the opportunity to teach and mentor others who are just entering the field.

Clinical Training

Due to our emphasis on skills and training, we offer you the chance to “grow” through education and training. We have our own on-site clinical lab, complete with mannequin, practice arms and a comprehensive list of medical equipment and supplies.  After an initial skills evaluation and instruction, we hold annual classes to update your skills.  The lab and support staff is always available.  Ongoing monthly continuing education classes are offered as well.  


Upgrade your certification to Home Health Aide in our free 20-hour class.


Assist with our young clients at home or in the school setting while learning new skills.

RN to RN Case Manager

Put your diagnostic and leadership skills to work. Ask about our training program. New Grad Flex ProgramGet the support and supervision you need to feel confident in your new skills while working closely with one of our experienced RN’s.

Return to Work Program

If you have been out of nursing for a while, choose our skills lab and preceptor program to get back in the swing of things.


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